Girouette metal - déco fun

Glas Flower red Hibiscus

Girouette metal phare

Girouette metal papillon

Girouette metal écureuil

Girouette metal chat

Girouette metal Ventura canard

Sunface Autumn

Sunface Summer

Sunface Moonlight

Tractor vert

Tractor rouge



Roter Baron

Bicycle Blue

Bicycle Yellow

Bicycle Red

Bicycle Tandem



Motorcycle Blue

Motorcycle Red Flame

Excotic Flower - Samoa

Exotic Flower - Bali

Excotic Flower - Hawai ( ex martinique )

Excotic Flower - Capri

Exotic Flower - Martinique

Kinetic Spinner 48cm - Galaxy

Kinetic Spinner 81cm - Galaxy

Kinetic Spinner 66cm - Wind Sail

Kinetic Spinner 81cm - Confetti

Kinetic Spinner 66cm - Rustic Turbine

Kinetic 66 windmill

Vertikal Kinetic - Orbit

Vertikal Kinetic - Flower

Kinetic 66 - Kaleidoscope

Kinetic 81 star flower

Candle Bird - Hahn Oskar

Flower Pot Charly

Gigant Gartenstecker 46x161cm - Sunflower

Gigant Gartenstecker 40x160cm - Mum

Wall decor Tree of Life 38

Metall Wand Decor - Tree of Life 48

Metall Wand Decor - Butterfly Tree

Wall Decor - Glas Peacock

Metall Wand Decor Daisy

Metall Wand Decor Mum

Metall Wand Decor Sunflower

Glas Wand Decor - Butterfly 9 Pink

Wall Decor - Glas Dragonfly - 53 Blue

Glas Wand Decor - Dragofly 8 Green

Batterie pour Edelstahl ou mobile eolien

Piquet de maintien pour support type bannière 12 mm / 120 cm

Piquet de maintien pour support type bannière 12 mm / 70 ou 90 cm

Support telescopique pour banniere Hawai 2.2 m

Support telescopique 3 à 8 mètres ( mat support ) pour manche à air, montgolfiere girouette, banniere...